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"Germans in the Civil War," Don Heinrich Tolzmann (November 24, 2010)


Germans in the Civil War

Don Heinrich TolzmannA book published back in 1901 in German by Gustav Tafel tells the story of the Cincinnati Germans in the Civil War (1861-65). It was translated and edited by Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann who enriched the work with supplements on the Germans from Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

Cincinnati Germans in the Civil War

Cover The Cincinnati Germans in the Civil WarThe Cincinnati Germans in the Civil War by Gustav Tafel tells the extraordinary story of the infantry, artillery, and cavalry regiments and units formed in Cincinnati by German-Americans from the Greater Cincinnati area, including southwestern Ohio, Northern Kentucky and southeastern Indiana, who served in the Civil War.

Originally published in German in 1901, Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann has translated this work from German and added appendices on the noteworthy German-American officers and soldiers from the area.

Additional appendices cover German-Americans from central and northern Ohio in the Civil War.

Gustav Tafel (1830-1908) was one of the co-founders of the Cincinnati Turnverein and helped organize Cincinnati’s 9th Ohio Infantry Regiment, known as the Turner Regiment.

He also served as commander of the 106th Ohio Infantry Regiment and after the Civil War was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives and later served as Mayor of Cincinnati.

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