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"Centennial Celebration of Steuben Monument," Steuben News (November/December 2010)

Don Heinrich TolzmannThis year marks the 20th anniversary of the book series that Stammtisch columnist, Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann (photo) has edited since 1990: New German-American Studies/Neue deutsch-amerikanische Studien. We at believe a few comments are in order to honor this occasion.

Celebrating German-American Studies

The series began as there was nothing like it available. "I felt that there was a definite need for such a publication series for books relating to German-Americana," said Tolzmann, its founder and editor.

The work consists of scholarly monographs, published in German or English, dealing with topics in the humanities or social sciences pertaining to the German-American experience.

Books cover the following areas: History, literature, language, politics, philosophy, religion, education, geography, art and architecture, music and musical life, the theater, and contemporary issues of general interest.

Thus far, more than thirty volumes have appeared in the series, covering a wide range of topics relating to German-American history, literature and culture.

A recent volume is the richly illustrated history of monuments in Germany: National Monuments and Nationalism in 19th Century Germany by Hans Pohlsander (Vol. 31, 2008), which also discusses German-American monuments, such as the Hermann Monument in New Ulm, Minnesota.

Book cover of National Monuments and NationalismOther volumes have covered the German-American experience during the world wars, such as: The German-Americans and World War II: An Ethnic Experience by Timothy J. Holian (Vol. 6, 1996).

We believe that this series has made a solid and long-lasting contribution on both sides of the Atlantic to the understanding of the German-American experience.

New German-American Studies was brought out due to the need for a series that would focus on German-American history.

After more than thirty volumes to its credit and having reached its 20th anniversary, it is appropriate to pay tribute to this invaluable work and the man behind it, Don Heinrich Tolzmann.

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